Wooden Frames 

I want to introduce you to my handmade wooden frames, which are individually crafted and designed to add extra charm to your chosen artwork. The two types of frames that I offer are Classic and Rustic. You can order both types in a size that fits your product. Each frame will be one of a kind and 100% made in Canada.

Rustic Frame

To generate the Rustic look, I use authentic Canadian hemlock wood, which I carefully restructure with my craftsmanship. As a result, the Rustic frame emphasizes the uniqueness of any artwork.

Western hemlock grows along BC’s coast on both the east and west sides of the Coast Range as well as in the interior wet belt west of the Rocky Mountains. It is a large tree that typically grows 30 to 50 metres and has conspicuously drooping new growth at its top. Western hemlock is used for general construction, roof decking and plywood, as well as for laminating stock and the production of glue-laminated and solid beams. Its strength and stiffness make it a preferred material for use in horizontal components and longer spans.

Western hemlock is the most plentiful tree species on the coast of BC. It is commonly sold and shipped with amabilis fir under the name Hem-Fir, which has an extremely wide range of uses because it offers good strength, appearance and working qualities.

Colours: Rustic dark and rustic gold

Depth/Width: ¾” D x 2 ½” W

Price: $5 per inch

Classic Frame

The Classic pine-based frame has a natural look and is an inexpensive choice for framing. The neutral colours will complement any décor.

Pine trees are a well known species of trees that have long been used by people for a variety of purposes such as landscaping and timber harvesting. Their bold color makes them great for landscaping and their hardiness makes them ideal for planting in climates where other trees won’t survive. They are also used for many other practical purposes ranging from shipbuilding, as a source of food, decorations and furniture.

Colours: Black and brown

Depth/Width: ¾” D x 1 ½” W

Price: $2.5 per inch