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It's a privilege for me to live in Alberta and create art. The Rocky Mountains have become my backyard, so I visit them whenever possible! Over the last few years, I have taken thousands of pictures which has helped improve my skills. I was able to familiarize myself with the mountains and discover many spectacular photography locations! 

With my knowledge and experience, I want to tell other photographers to uncover their biggest passion in one of Canada's most beautiful places! I want to take you on a day trip during which we will visit the best landscape locations in Alberta! 

You have three options to choose from: 


First - You can join me for a sunset! We will meet 3 hours before sunset and visit a few locations to photograph the sunset! $250


Second - I will meet you for the sunrise. We will be taking pictures in at least two different locations! $250


Third - You can join me for sunset and sunrise! I will be camping overnight on one of my favourite campgrounds! For this event, I will meet you 6 hours before sunset so that we can find a camping spot and get ready for the sunset! $400

My trips take place during the week. This is because there is less traffic in the mountains and it's easier to get a camping spot. The exact date of departure is given by the end of Sunday of the week preceding the departure and will depend on the weather! 

Important note: Please keep in mind that I don't provide any camping gear, photography gear, food or weather! I'm also not responsible for transportation and camping fees! 


Please contact me if you would like to know when is my next workshop! You can also book a privet trip If you wish! I hope to see you on my next adventure! 


327 4th Avenue NE Calgary T2E0J4

Tel: +1 403 918 7690

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