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A collection of 12 unique and easily detachable prints in the form of a calendar, dedicated to Alberta!


  • A collection of 12 unique prints showcasing breathtaking landscapes from Alberta, Canada.
  • Detachable prints measuring 11x14 inches, perfect for framing.
  • Dedicated to promoting mind health and well-being through inspiring photography.
  • Valuable information and short stories about each location included.
  • User-friendly design with ergonomic improvements for note-taking convenience.
  • Personalized space for important dates, reminders, and reflections.
  • A source of constant inspiration and joy, lifting your mood whenever needed.

2024 PREMIUM CALENDAR dedicated to the beautiful Province of Alberta!

C$69.99 Regular Price
C$35.00Sale Price

Introducing the exquisite collection of 12 unique prints presented in the form of a calendar, showcasing the breathtaking landscapes of Alberta, Canada. Each of these 12 exclusive images captures the essence of natural wonders, and they are detachable, measuring 11x14 inches, perfect for framing and providing long-lasting enjoyment.


This remarkable fusion of a calendar and print book is dedicated to promoting mind health and well-being, addressing the challenges many people are facing today. I firmly believe that my photography not only brings visual joy but also serves as a great medicine for improving long-term mental well-being.


Moreover, the calendar part offers valuable information about each location and shares short stories behind the captivating photographs included in the Print-book-calendar!


To add a personal touch, there is ample space for notes, allowing you to customize your calendar with important dates, reminders, or reflections inspired by the scenic beauty before you. It becomes a personalized sanctuary of cherished memories and aspiring thoughts.


I have meticulously redesigned the layout and made ergonomic improvements to the calendar. Unlike typical calendars with all the dates placed below the images, causing inconvenience when adding notes, I have moved that section above the image. Now, you won't have to bend and strain your spine while making entries. It's the attention to these small details that can make a significant difference in our lives!


Embark on a journey to experience the mesmerizing beauty of Alberta, as my photography takes you on a captivating and inspiring tour. Let the beauty captured in these prints lift your mood whenever you need it, providing a source of constant inspiration and joy.


Don't miss the chance to bring home this exceptional calendar and print-book fusion, a true celebration of Alberta's beauty, while also nurturing your mind and well-being.

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