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Being an artist I am always looking for ways to bring you joy and happiness. Over the last couple of years I have dabbled in different areas that I thought might make you smile.



Canvas Prints

You like the look of canvas and want to enhance your space with a great piece, look no further.




Unique design that gives you a functional calendar with the added bonus of frameable art piece.




Set yourself apart from everyone else with a wallpaper that isnpires and brings you joy daily.

Quick Mood Booster.jpg


Desk Enhancer

Brighten up your space and your mood with this great hand crafted wooden print holder.



I dedicated my life to photography because I believe my purpose is to please others' eyes, uplift their moods, inspire them, and assist with other important aspects of their lives. I perceive the images I create as a form of medicine for well-being. Landscape photography is an incredible avenue for opening up to creativity and expressing oneself, but it can become financially challenging as you reach higher levels of expertise.

I aspire to pursue this path further and elevate my photography to new heights. Still, to do so, I need businesses that believe in my talent and determination to become my patrons. The funds I gather through this endeavour would be utilized to acquire new equipment or organize photography trips. I possess the gift and skill to uplift the spirits of many individuals, so if you have the means to support local artists, I believe it would be a mutually beneficial opportunity for both parties involved.


As a token of my appreciation, every patron will receive numerous benefits. I have designed three packages for you: a monthly contribution of $500, $1000, or $2000. You have the freedom to adjust the amount or halt the money transfer at any time, according to your preference. All the funds you contribute will be collected, and twice a year, you can spend them in my store to acquire some of my products.

Additionally, you will receive a discount on my products based on your chosen package. For a contribution of $500, you will receive a 5% discount; for $1000, a 10% discount; and for $2000, a 15% discount. But that's not all! By supporting me with $2000 per month, you will also receive one of my fine art limited edition prints, which I will change every six months. If you decide to shift your support in another direction, you can purchase that print with a 20% discount instead of 15%. And if you're not interested, you can keep the print for an additional three months.

Last but certainly not least, as a patron, you will be guaranteed two spots at one of my exhibitions. If you would like to learn more about this idea, I would be delighted to meet in person and discuss further details. Together, we can foster a partnership that nurtures the arts, supports local talent, and brings beauty and inspiration to our community.


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