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Being an artist I am always looking for ways to bring you joy and happiness. Over the last couple of years I have dabbled in different areas that I thought might make you smile.




Downtown Calgary Photography Tour

Welcome to Calgary, Alberta! Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure exploring the beauty of the city and its surrounding landscapes? My name is Mike, and as a professional landscape photographer, I'd love to take you on a tour of Calgary's most captivating spots.


We'll start our experience at the Marriott Downtown, where I currently have an exhibition of my work. You'll have the opportunity to view my photography and gain inspiration for our upcoming journey. Feel free to bring your camera or phone, as I'll be sharing tips and tricks to help you capture unique and stunning images.


From there, we'll embark on a walk through downtown Calgary, visiting must-see locations such as the iconic Calgary Tower, Stephen Avenue Walk, and Prince's Island Park. As we explore, I'll provide insights into the best angles, lighting techniques, and composition to enhance your photography skills.


Our adventure concludes at "A Dose of Happiness," a venue where I run another exhibition focused on the relationship between landscape photography and mental well-being. Here, you'll have the chance to reflect on the connection between art and mindfulness while admiring the captivating images on display.



Hike To Capture The Moment

If you're passionate about landscape photography and crave an immersive experience, this adventure is perfect for you. Let's head into the Rocky Mountains and capture breathtaking moments in the best way possible.


We'll begin by venturing to one of the most popular viewpoints in Alberta, easily accessible to all. From here, I'll guide you through the process of capturing the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, taking advantage of the natural light and scenery. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer, I'll share techniques and advice tailored to your skill level.


For those seeking a more challenging experience, we can embark on a hike to reach a summit and witness the mesmerizing morning light cascading over the mountains. The hike will offer stunning panoramic views and unique photo opportunities that are sure to leave a lasting impression.


After our adventure, we'll return to civilization, and I'll help you select your best photograph. Together, we'll print it on high-quality FineArt paper and mount it in a hand-made wooden frame, transforming it into a work of art that you can proudly display and cherish.



Canvas Prints

You like the look of canvas and want to enhance your space with a great piece, look no further.

Quick Mood Booster.jpg


Desk Enhancer

Brighten up your space and your mood with this great hand crafted wooden print holder.




Set yourself apart from everyone else with a wallpaper that isnpires and brings you joy daily.



2023 Calendars

Unique design that gives you a functional calendar with the added bonus of frameable art piece.



I dedicated my life to photography because I believe my purpose is to please others' eyes, uplift their moods, inspire them, and assist with other important aspects of their lives. I perceive the images I create as a form of medicine for well-being. Landscape photography is an incredible avenue for opening up to creativity and expressing oneself, but it can become financially challenging as you reach higher levels of expertise.

I aspire to pursue this path further and elevate my photography to new heights. Still, to do so, I need businesses that believe in my talent and determination to become my patrons. The funds I gather through this endeavour would be utilized to acquire new equipment or organize photography trips. I possess the gift and skill to uplift the spirits of many individuals, so if you have the means to support local artists, I believe it would be a mutually beneficial opportunity for both parties involved.


As a token of my appreciation, every patron will receive numerous benefits. I have designed three packages for you: a monthly contribution of $500, $1000, or $2000. You have the freedom to adjust the amount or halt the money transfer at any time, according to your preference. All the funds you contribute will be collected, and twice a year, you can spend them in my store to acquire some of my products.

Additionally, you will receive a discount on my products based on your chosen package. For a contribution of $500, you will receive a 5% discount; for $1000, a 10% discount; and for $2000, a 15% discount. But that's not all! By supporting me with $2000 per month, you will also receive one of my fine art limited edition prints, which I will change every six months. If you decide to shift your support in another direction, you can purchase that print with a 20% discount instead of 15%. And if you're not interested, you can keep the print for an additional three months.

Last but certainly not least, as a patron, you will be guaranteed two spots at one of my exhibitions. If you would like to learn more about this idea, I would be delighted to meet in person and discuss further details. Together, we can foster a partnership that nurtures the arts, supports local talent, and brings beauty and inspiration to our community.


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