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A collection of 12 unique and easily detachable prints in the form of a calendar, dedicated to Vancouver Island.


  • A remarkable collection of 12 unique prints showcasing breathtaking landscapes.
  • Calendar format with detachable images for framing (11x14 inches).
  • Dedicated to promoting mind health and happiness.
  • Short explanations on the benefits of connecting with nature through the images.
  • Information on each location for easy mapping and adding to your bucket list.
  • Additional space for notes and marking important dates under each calendar date.

2024 PREMIUM CALENDAR dedicated to the spectacular Vancouver Island!

C$69.99 Regular Price
C$35.00Sale Price

Discover the remarkable collection of 12 unique prints presented in the form of a calendar, showcasing breathtaking landscapes from one of the most magical places on earth: Vancouver Island. Each of the 12 exclusive images captures the essence of natural wonders, and they are detachable for framing, measuring 11x14 inches to provide long-lasting enjoyment.


This calendar and print book fusion is dedicated to promoting mind health and well-being, addressing the challenges many people are facing today. Vancouver Island, with its magical power to heal the mind and boost happiness, serves as the inspiration behind these captivating images. Alongside each picture, you will find a short explanation about the benefits of connecting with nature through visual stimulation.


Furthermore, this calendar provides valuable information about each location, making it easy for everyone to locate them on the map and add their favourite places to their bucket list. 


With additional space for notes, you can personalize your calendar with important dates, reminders, or reflections inspired by the scenic beauty before you. It becomes a personalized sanctuary of memories and aspirations


To enhance user-friendliness, I have redesigned the layout and made ergonomic improvements to the calendar. I conducted an analysis of the calendar's structure and usage and arrived at interesting conclusions, which I applied to this year's project.


Experience the beauty of Vancouver Island and immerse yourself in its natural wonders with this extraordinary print book and calendar in one, designed not only to bring joy but also to promote mental well-being.

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