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Many firms and corporations need staff headshots, whether it is for a "Meet the Team" page or their email signature. Business headshots are also used in online brochures and social media to give the company credibility.

What Professions Need Headshots?

Almost every profession requires headshots, but it will often depend on your company size. Large corporations and franchises celebrate their "employee of the month," so you may want to pose for that to highlight your reputation in the company.


CEOs and Entrepreneurs

If you are the centre of the business, it is essential that you get a professional headshot. Assume you are the CEO of a startup; people who look you up will judge you based on the headshot on your website and social media. Your face symbolizes the motivation behind your business, so let's do it right!


Actors and Models

Undoubtedly, anyone working on the screen or in fashion magazines needs an actor headshot or a model headshot. It is a way of showing off and landing new opportunities. A charismatic headshot can say a thousand words.



Many employees need a decent corporate headshot or company portrait that contributes to their company's identity. While some companies require you to follow a strict on-brand type of headshot, remote teams may have more flexibility, depending on their remote culture.


Public Figures

Examples of public figures include news reporters, spokespeople, or people who work for the municipality. If you work in the public eye, you want a professional headshot that represents what you stand for and the impact you want to make.


Professional Occupations

Reputation and image are of utmost importance for financial advisors, physicians, lawyers, realtors, salespeople, and anyone who provides professional services that involve health, dignity, and wealth. Without it, people are less likely to work with them. These professions require you to build a high level of trust with your clients.


LinkedIn Members

Anyone looking for a job on LinkedIn should provide a professional headshot because many recruiters and employers tend to judge the book by the cover before they even visit your profile. According to a study, LinkedIn members with professional headshots are more likely to get connection and networking requests and receive more profile views.


Small Business Owners

Whether you run a convenience store or an independent wine shop, you will never know if the local press shows interest and wants to feature you in a story. Be prepared to grow and stand out from the crowd with a professional headshot!


Dating Sites

A simple selfie may not be ideal if you want to stand out from the crowd. Professional headshots can make your charisma shine and result in the right match.


Do You Need a Professional Headshot?

If you are still on the fence, just think of your goals. You might not be looking for a job, or your company doesn't require any company portraits. But ask yourself what you want to achieve for yourself. Perhaps you keep an online blog, or you want to start a YouTube channel. Let that professional headshot give you a head start.


Show your online followers who you really and hire an experienced photographer to help you get you there!

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