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As a photographer, there's always a list of places you aspire to capture at least once in a lifetime. When I stumbled upon a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, it sparked an immediate obsession to visit and recreate that image in my own unique style. A friend from high school had relocated from Poland to New Jersey, presenting a perfect opportunity to not only reconnect but also fulfill my dream shot!


To prepare, I first visited the Bridge during the daytime with friends, scouting the area to perfect my composition. The next day, I had to rise at 4 am. My friend graciously drove me to the bus station, and by 4:30 am, I was on a bus bound for Manhattan, surrounded mostly by commuters, mainly Mexican workers. From Manhattan, I boarded a subway to the Brooklyn Bridge.


Navigating through the bustling city was a challenging feat, but I was quite proud that I managed to navigate smoothly. The weather couldn't have been better. As I arrived, the sun began its ascent, and at around 6 am, the streets were nearly deserted. The conditions for capturing my dream shot were ideal, and the excitement I felt at that moment is something I still vividly remember!


Canvas Print 1,5" deep with mirrored edges 

Brooklyn Bridge in the morning

PriceFrom C$220.00


Each product is individually printed and assembled when you order it, so please allow 2-5 business days manufacture time for your canvas.



Depends of the region it takes between 5-14 days for shipping 



We want you to be stoked with your purchase, so if you’re not, let us know. Please contact us within 3 days of delivery if you have any problems with your order or if the order came demaged. 

Our prints are custom-made. Please note that I accept no returns and offer no refunds for change of mind unless the item arrives damaged.

If the product is damaged in the mail, please send us a photo verification of the damaged goods to, then we’ll gladly send a replacement to you.

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