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Fact About Pineapple in Hawaii


Hawaii was once a global leader in pineapple production, with the industry peaking in the mid-20th century. The fruit became an iconic symbol of the islands, largely due to the efforts of the Dole Plantation, which was established in 1901 by James Dole. While commercial production has declined, the pineapple remains a significant part of Hawaii's agricultural heritage and tourist attractions.


PriceFrom C$49.00

The poster comes in two sizes. It is printed on Sihl Postercolor X180 paper. The poster will be rolled and shipped in a tube.


About Sihl Postercolor X180 paper:


High quality poster paper with blocking layer for advertising applications

A bright white, barrier-coated, matt poster paper for indoor photographic and advertising applications. In combination with aqueous and latex inks, it guarantees a broad colour spectrum and high optical densities. Its barrier coating enables good flatness, even when printing with large ink densities.


Please note all artwork and imagery are Copyright protected of Mike Maciaszek fine art, all rights reserved. All photographic prints on this website are shot and edited by Mike Maciaszek.

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