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Hawaii Day One

Updated: Jun 27

I have to start this blog by telling you this story. By mistake, I booked my flight to a different island. My flight from Vancouver arrived late, and there were no more flights from Maui to Oahu, so I had to stay at the airport all night and catch the first flight at 6 AM.

I've slept in airports before, but there was one problem I didn’t know about: the airport closes between 11 PM and 5 AM. I ended up sleeping on a stone bench outside. Luckily, there were cameras and security, so I felt safe. The wind was a challenge, but I managed to survive the night and get on the plane.

I knew sunrise was between 6-7 AM, so I had a good feeling I would capture something interesting from the plane. I was blessed with amazing light and happened to be sitting on the right side of the plane! I think the universe led me to this moment, and I could start my trip with some cool images!

I arrived in Hawaii at 8 am, enjoying a beautiful sunrise from the plane. For me, it was a sign of the great adventure ahead. I traveled with my friend and talented photographer/videographer Carlos. We had an Airbnb in Honolulu near Waikiki Beach, so we spent the first day exploring a few beaches and downtown Honolulu. It was our first time on Oahu, and we were both very excited to start creating and soaking in the atmosphere!

Click on the picture below to discover the limited edition collection featuring my best shots from Hawaii

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