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Hawaii Day 7

Last Day in Hawaii

Of course, we couldn't resist getting up at night and driving to the other side of the island to enjoy our last sunrise of the trip. It was rainy on the west side, but the sky opened up just one kilometer from Lanikai Beach. The morning turned out to be mesmerizing, joyful, and inspiring. I was running across the beach, finding more and more compositions! I even spotted a rainbow, one of Hawaii's symbols.

Carlos took a photo of me that better

explains how I felt at that moment.

After the sunrise, we drove back to Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden. We were amazed by this place and hoped to get better light this time! Fortunately, there were some breaks in the clouds, and I managed to capture some interesting shots! We returned to Honolulu around noon.

Since we didn’t have a place to stay at this point, we ended up in my favorite park. I chose to relax at the beach for a bit while Carlos was still running around with his camera, taking some of the last pictures of the trip!

I'm very happy to have returned to Hawaii and created this collection of prints and posters. I'm excited to follow my path and see how far I can go! Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my artistic journey!

Since I reached this goal, it's time to set the next one! I believe I've reached the point where organizing my own art exhibition in Hawaii doesn't sound like science fiction anymore!

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