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Hawaii Day Six

Updated: Jun 26

As you probably noticed, I love taking pictures. Photography has become the essence of my life, and I'm so excited to continue this path. However, even though I love it, I sometimes need a break. Taking pictures every day can be tiring and lead to burnout. That's why on day six, we were very laid back. We slept in, and I took some time to call my friends and family to let them know I'm doing great! When I travel, I like to give myself space to slow down and recharge. It doesn't mean we didn't take any pictures that day. We went for a long walk along Honolulu beaches and captured some interesting moments and subjects.

That evening, I spotted a huge mural on one of the hotel buildings. It looked very vibrant and colorful, so it caught my eye right away. Synonymous with Waikiki, the two-sided Rainbow Mural was known as the world's tallest mosaic when it was first revealed in 1968. Designed by the iconic Millard Sheets, the two mosaics adorn the sides of the Hilton Hawaiian Village’s 31-story Rainbow Tower. They measure 286 feet high by 26 feet wide and originally consisted of more than 16,000 hand-painted ceramic tiles. The focal point of the mural is 2.5 miles away, which on the ocean side provides a warm welcome for visitors flying to Oahu.

I pulled out my telephoto lens and carefully framed an area that I liked the most. I'm very stoked with this image. It felt like creating art from already existing one! It was my trophy of the day!

One of the pictures I took that day made me very excited! I feel the positive vibe coming from this image, so I decided to use it for both Fine Art Print and Poster collections! I hope this will bring more happiness to someone's life!

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