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Hawaii Day Five.

Okay! One lazy day was enough! That's why for our fifth day, we planned something more intense. Our day started at 4:30 am. It was raining in Honolulu, but we were planning to hike on the other side of the island. Since we were already awake, we decided to give it a try. We made it to the parking lot in about thirty minutes. Driving at 5 am on Oahu is pretty relaxing. The good news was that it wasn't raining anymore. We decided to hike the Mt. Olomana Trail (Three Peaks).

It was a sketchy hike, especially in the darkness. There were a few steep parts where we had to use ropes to make it easier. As a little monkey, I like these kinds of hikes, and even though I was pretty tired and sweaty, I enjoyed it a lot. We made it to the summit right before sunrise, but unfortunately, the sky didn't look promising. However, the 360-degree view was mind-blowing! Speaking of wind... it was windy as heck! I had a problem taking pictures from my tripod because it was shaking all the time.

The sunrise itself wasn't spectacular, but we got a few beautiful sun rays lighting up the ocean. I must say it was a nice thing to capture! After an hour on the summit, we started to feel a bit cold and decided to hike back to the car.

The next place we visited was the Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden. It is a true embodiment of paradise that spreads over 400 lush, tropical acres on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii, surrounded by the Koolau Mountain Range. I felt like I was in a Jurassic Park movie for a moment!

Unfortunately, the weather got worse, and it started to rain, so we decided to drive back to Honolulu. The weather on Oahu is all over the place, and once we crossed the mountains, we could again enjoy the full sun. It was a clear sign that it was time to get some rest and enjoy the time at the beach. In the evening, we went to explore Waikiki Beach, but this time with the cameras in our hands.

It was already the fifth day of photographing, and I started to feel that I needed a little break...

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