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Hawaii Day Four

After a few days of chasing sunsets and sunrises, we decided to take it easy on day four and catch up on sleep. That doesn't mean we did nothing—we explored the North side of Oahu, visiting a few beaches and small towns. On the way back to Honolulu, we made a pit stop at Waimano Falls. The hike was short but sketchy, and fun at the same time. Since it wasn't the best time of day for photography, I took only a few shots for memory.

In the evening, we planned to explore our favorite park in Honolulu, Magic Island. We experienced a phenomenal golden hour and sunset. I felt creative and inspired, capturing some really interesting images! It was another magical day in Hawaii, but luckily, there were still a few more ahead!

Two pictures I captured in that day are part of my Hawaiian Collection!

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