Other Artists

Over the years, I've met many like-minded artists with similar pursuits and motivations. I've had the great pleasure of collaborating with them, and as a result, we have learned from each other and helped each other gain more exposure. I'm happy to be working with talented artists for whom I make prints and frames. If you're a fellow artist seeking new opportunities, I invite you to collaborate with me! Let's connect!

Nicole Wolf 

Nicole creates commercial art in the form of comics, murals and  illustrations.

She also does a variety of personal projects, with a focus on storytelling, reporting and pondering the mysteries of life.

She started her training in Fine Art at MacEwan University, and holds an undergraduate in Communications Design at the Alberta University for the Arts, with a major in illustration. 

She's completed artist residencies and taught comic-making and mural-making workshops at the University of Calgary and abroad.


Jerry Alvarado Garcia (artist name: JAG) is from Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica. JAG discovered his passion for art in his hometown and created a unique style based on abstractionism using acrylic paint.


He creates one-off original paintings, lovingly crafted, exquisitely detailed and filled with colours and figures that will have your brain imagine your own story or picture. He does every paint stroke and design himself.