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Choose neutral, solid colours

Many people wear black, gray, navy, or cream during professional headshot appointments because these colours won't distract from your face in the photo. Avoid wearing clothing with shapes and patterns as they can easily overexpose.


Dress like your boss

In other words: Dress suitably and appropriately for your type of industry, but also let your personality shine! Professions either have a formal or a casual dress code. You will likely wear a suit if you work in a corporate environment, whereas digital nomads would be in their holiday attire. Either way, choose something professional that would make your parents proud!


Keep accessories to a minimum

Unless it is a part of your signature look, there is no need to wear any jewelry. Dangly earrings and shiny necklaces will interfere with your facial features and the overall quality of the headshot.


Keep hair and makeup natural

You can't go wrong with natural-look makeup which includes concealers. Unless you are a makeup artist, there is no need to overdo your makeup. Maintain your natural appearance as much as possible and wear a hairstyle that complements your face shape.


What's the occasion?

Is the headshot for LinkedIn or a social media avatar? If it is going in a job application, keep your dress code formal. However, you may have more options and flexibility for social media posts. Ask yourself what the purpose of the headshot is for you and anybody else involved, and dress accordingly.



Ultimately, your headshot should say something significant about you by portraying your professionalism intermingled with your personality. This way, employers can picture you solving problems at the workplace. Or your customers can build instant trust upon first glance. First impression matters!


I usually wear a formal button-down shirt in my headshots because I want to look professional and casual. Hence, people get the instant impression that I am easygoing and open-minded, just as a professional photographer should be! When you attend a photoshoot, you want the expert to make you feel at ease.


Are you looking for professional headshot photography? Feel free to get in touch and schedule an appointment! I guarantee you will be using that headshot for many years to come!

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