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Discover the triple F factor giving you a personality photo that will make a lasting impression.


    30 min

    75 Canadian dollars

FUN - Is there a more fun and fantastic place to have your headshot taken than a spot named "A Dose of Happiness"? I don't think so! What makes it even more extraordinary is that it's captured by the certified happiness expert, Mike Maciaszek.

FAST -In a flash, Mike can skillfully capture a stunning photo that beautifully highlights your personality and have it delivered to you by the end of the day, ready to enhance your marketing materials.

(a)FFORDABLE -In a flash, Mike can expertly snap a fantastic photo that showcases your unique personality and have it in your "hands" by day's end, all set to elevate your marketing materials.

How it works


We start by taking several pictures and searching for the best pose and facial expression. I recommend dressing in a way that reflects your personality.

After picking your favourite picture you will be able to choose between Standard editing or to have your photo Retouch.  


"Standard editing" means I will edit your photo in my style without delving into details. 

0R9A7503-1 (1)_edited.jpg

 Photo retouching is the process of improving the appearance of an image and removing imperfections and small defects like dust, dirt, blemishes, saturation, under-eye circles, etc. This option cost extra $25 

Find out

Who needs headshot 

What to wear for the photoshoot

Are you looking for more personalized headshots?

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